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André Christopher Villa


Born in the SGV, CA 

Living & Working out of Los Angeles, California

Rooted in color theory and the visually endless possibilities of color interaction, my practice is an open-handed balance between an academic approach of carefully predetermined composition and a very painterly application that springs forth from creative spontaneity and intuition. My paintings present the viewer with an intensely vivid optical imprint that allows immediate visual experience and presence to be the driving authority in understanding the work. Thus, I view my practice as a form of meditative return to instinct and part of a larger investigative quest for purity within the medium. The characteristic aesthetic that undeniably permeates from one of my paintings to the next evolves from an almost-obsessive fascination with the primary colors and my ability to methodologically give them form in constantly new, invigorating manifestations. Through use of semi-psychedelic repetition and configuration, each painting is invested with structural rhythm and spatial tension that is made dynamic by straightforward, clean-cut use of unmixed chromatics. The contours, squares, and circles present within my work function as individual declarations of color intended to move as a cohesive whole; a single line simultaneously separates and pairs neighboring color fields as one unified image. The joining and building up of wood panels also characteristic of my work reflects an effort to explore depth, complexity, and dimension that break the confines of a traditionally two dimensional flat painting surface.  

Ultimately, my recurring use of the organic line and colored space present a pure visual experience that aims to reclaim sensory intuition by appealing to abstract experience in relation to both space and color. My paintings are a purely intuitive visual experience of color and form; what you see is what it is.

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